The ROSACE team is focused on ROboticS and Autonomous Complex systEms. ROSACE is a team of the research group GRAVIR of LASMEA. LASMEA is a joint unit of research between CNRS and Blaise Pascal University situated in Clermont-Ferrand, France. ROSACE is integrated in the CNRS Research Federation TIMS (FR2856) and work in common with LAMI in the project M2I (Innovative Machines and Mecanism), and with Cemagref in the project V2I (Intelligent Vehicle and Infrastructures). ROSACE is involved in the Joint Unit of Technology UMT08.2 focused on Robotization of the Meat Industry (Cutting and Deboning beef and pork...).

The Team ROSACE (Robotic and Autonomous Complex Systems) is led by Philippe Martinet and Youcef Mezouar. The main research axes are:

  • VISIR - Visual ServoIng of Robots. Visual Servoing (Position, Image and Hybrid Based, Omnidirectional), Topological navigation using sensory memory, Multi-Sensor Based Control, Force-Vision Coupling, Robots (Manipulator, Mobile, Aerial)
  • AGV - Autonomous Guided Vehicle Control (Non Linear, Adaptive, Predictive, Robust), Enhanced Mobility (Sliding and Slipping), Uncertain Dynamics, Monitoring, Multi-robot control, Hybrid Control architecture, Obstacle avoidance, Robots (Mobile, AGV, All Terrain vehicles, Agricultural Vehicles, Platoon, Multi-Robot System)
  • MICMAC - Modelisation, Identification and Control of complex MAChines Kinematic Identification, Dynamic Identification, High Dynamic Modeling, Dynamic Control, Vision based Control of Parallel Robot, Humanoid robot control, Multi Arms control, Redundancy and polymorphism, Robots (Parallel Robot, High Speed Machine Tools, Humanoid robots, Service Robots, Polymorph Robots)