Méditation dans le bâtiment IMAG (Méditation)

Période :2019-????
Responsables :Lucy Ruffier
Intervenants :Gabriel Lopes




In partnership with the project CNRS VivIMAG, the association Synergy proposes a meditation group on tuesdays, between 1 P.M. and 1.30 P.M., in the multi-activity room (salle multi-activités). The sessions will be conducted in english. The price is free (you can give how much you want).

The group will be led by Gabriel Lopes, ex PhD student of the LIG. 15 places are proposed for each session. We will warn the first 15 resgistrants, and keep the other names in a wainting list (in case of withdrawal).

Here's the link for the subscription: https://evento.renater.fr/survey/meditation-group-ynylmo8i

Meditation is a millenar practice that uses silence and breathing in order to teach our mind how to reconnect to our senses and to ourselves, instead of being connected to the thoughts.

That shows there is a way back to childhood, when senses, present moment, and our mind were the sufficient and necessary ingredients to lead us to the most happy states possible.

Just by practicing meditation, we can achieve levels of patience, mental peace, completeness, satisfaction and happiness often thought to be impossible. It also increase productivity and focus on everything, from a conversation to cooking or working, just by reducing levels of anxiety, anguish, uncertainty and stress.

Come and try! It WILL not only improve everything in your day, but also in your whole LIFE, if you keep practicing!